Keynote – 09.07.2021


Digital Art: A Journey from Plotter Drawings to NFTs. How does global networking affect the production and reception of art? How do artists respond to the digitalisation of our world? A journey from plotter drawings to NFTs.

Moderation – 12.07.2021

PIN- Summerday

Talk "NFT and Virtual Reality" with Dr. Annette Doms (expert for contemporary art), Max Goelitz (gallery owner) and Niko Abramidis (artist)

Keynote – 26.09.2019

SZ Bankengipfel

The SZ Banking Summit ended with my lecture on "Art totally revolutionised." Coming up with the latest developments in art is always a pleasure for me. But discussing blockchain technology with bankers beyond the world of finance in the field of art and looking at art from their perspective was a real enrichment.

Keynote – 12.11.2018

UBS Innovation Circle

With its "Innovation Circle" format, UBS offers highly interesting events that are in tune with the times.

At the UBS "Innovation Circle" event on 12 November 2018 in Munich, I was able to speak to around 150 guests about the future of art and its challenges for collectors. Even experienced art collectors were surprised.

Keynote – 19.07.2019


The Global Developer Forum (GDF) is an international conference on technology-based topics in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
The theme for 2019 was "Beyond Experience". The conference was accompanied by an artistic programme with outstanding works from the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality as well as numerous lectures from the technology sector.

In my 50-minute talk, I spoke about the history of media art, the online art market and current developments in art.

The history of art and the art of the present are exciting and inspiring at the same time. In my lectures I show the craziest ideas, talk about success stories, explain the mechanisms of the market, present lucrative collection examples or offer the latest developments. Each lecture is individualised for the respective event – an experience, emotional and visionary.

Pecha Kucha– 06.07.2017

Art Cologne

When was the first VR art created?
A short contribution by Annette Doms (specialist author) as part of a Pecha Kucha event on the topic of "Visual Worlds in Collision" at Art Cologne 2017.

Fireside Chat– 09.11.2014


"Why Creativity is Becoming the Critical Factor in a World that is Becoming More Digital". In conversation with Jeremy Tai Abbett (creative evangelist), the audience not only gained insights into the intersection of design, technology and popular culture, but also what we can shape with regard to the next generation.

Keynote – 30.10.2014


At the sixth KulturInvest Congress in Berlin, current trends were presented on the topics of cultural policy, cultural management, cultural tourism, cultural marketing, cultural financing, cultural sponsoring, cultural real estate, cultural personnel, online and social media marketing as well as conducting and leading, and reflected on perspectives of the interaction between culture and business as well as the public sector and the media.

Keynote– 08.03.2014

FKX Stuttgart

As part of the FKX Festival, the Freie Kunstakademie Baden-Württemberg and the Kunstbüro of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg have put together an exciting and varied practice-based programme of seminars, lectures and discussions on forms of presentation, distribution and marketing possibilities and the conservation of video, film and media art. "Genre or Medium? Art in the Age of the Digital Revolution" was the topic of my lecture.

Talk– 2013

ci Dialogue

The fair's three-day conference programme, CI Dialogues 2013, focused on new technologies, new media and art. The programme focuses on discussions about the impact of new technologies on artistic production, new forms of collecting and the art market. New media collectors Isabelle & Jean-Conrad Lemaître, the director of the web-based art market platform, Anders Petterson, the founding director of the new media fair Unpainted, Annette Doms, and the director of Sedition, Rory Blair, are just some of the names who participated in the forums.