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About me

NFTWhen did you first hear about NFTs? In my lectures I explain the concept behind NFTs - the non-fungible-tokens that are currently revolutionizing all sectors of the economy. In a nutshell, I talk about the historical background of NFTs, their development history up to the breakthrough in 2021. Listeners get an insight into the global business model of NFTs, case studies, possible applications, the benefits of NFTs, opportunities and risks, the importance of communities as well as in the topic of security.METAVERSEThe Metaverse is the future space for communication and consumption - a virtual world that is characterized by virtual reality and augmented reality and exists independently of a single user. Flagship stores, concert halls, golf courses, catwalks or art museums are being built here, and conference rooms are already being set up and decorated here. The metaverse links the physical with the virtual world. Our lives will continue to exist in both worlds. The new word is "phygital". The where, the how and the what about Metaverse are the topics my lectures.WEB3The reason for the success of NFTs lies in the evolution of the Internet. Studies show that the digital transformation has accelerated by seven years due to the pandemic. The new Internet, the Web3, is blockchain based and is already being used. In my lectures, I explain the basics of the Internet, the technology of blockchain and decentralized systems, and provide insight into significant trends.ARTAs an art historian, I am dedicated to the latest trends in art, founded the association to promote digital art in 2007 and co-founded the UNPAINTED fair in 2014 - the first fair for technology-based art in Germany. As a consultant, I guide you through the jungle of technology-based art. As a lecturer I teach the history of media art at the LMU Munich. As a mother, I observe the changing perception and reception of art.










Art historian with expertise in technology based art (AR | VR | XR, digitale art, media art). Currently managing director, collection consultant and provenience researcher at ICAA Strategists GmbH / Co-Founder & Partner of the VR-art gallery xcircle® / Co-Founder & Partner of the web3 consulting agency MUC/labs / Member of the advisory board at XRXplorer Schoolto redesign school lessons with XR technologies / Lecturer in the history of digital art at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich / Keynote speaker on the topics of Web3 & ZEITGEIST.In 2014 Co-Founder & Artistic Director of Germany's first art fair for digital art UNPAINTEDMember of BLOCKCHAIN Bayern e.V.Member of RHIZOMESupporting member of Kunstverein MunichESTATE Mathias WaskeCollection management of TIEFE BLICKE2007-2012 Gallery director at Nusser & Baumgart Contemporary.2005-07 teaching assistant to the American conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth.During studies, intership at the museum of the Kunsthalle der Hypo- Kultur-Stiftung München and graduate assistant for subject cataloguing for the joint network of the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte München, the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence and the Biblioteca Hertziana in Rome.2003 phd in art history, archaeology and general psychology.