KEYNOTE & XCIRCLE SHOW – 05.-07.10.2023


The best time to shape the future is now!
Do you also think that blockchain technology will change the future of countless areas in our daily lives? Then join us when the BoB takes us on a 3-day journey through workshops, lectures, panel discussions and valuable networking opportunities.
Exhibitors, speakers and private individuals - the BoB brings together all relevant parties in the scene and changes the world of blockchain and crypto events.
In addition to my lecture on digital identities in the Metaverse, we are presenting a spectacular art show with xcircle at the fair.

PANEL – 08.06.2023

UZH Blockchain Center

I am very honored to be on stage with such great people, especially Kenny Schachter himself - organized by University of Zurich Art Market Studies, UZH Blockchain Center and University of Zurich | University of Zurich in cooperation with Zurich Art Weekend



March ended with an internal scientific dialogue at Union Investment. Crypto also needs regulation and the trust of banks, which is why more and more banks are dealing with topics related to Metaverse, blockchain and NFT and are inviting experts to discuss these topics in an interdisciplinary manner. Together with Simon Graff, Dr. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Jan Rohrberg, moderated by Salomé Schäfer and Andreas Rauda, it was an honor for me to discuss useful applications, opportunities, challenges and potential dangers of the Metaverse – for 90 minutes. What we agreed on was that the Metaverse is here to stay and will not be reversed. Our lives are becoming hybrid and simpler in many areas. It will be what we humans make of it!

PANEL – 30.03..2023


The Crypto Assets Conference at FrankfurtSchool is an annual highlight in my schedule - full of unique networking opportunities and passionate discussions.
This year's two-day event was focued on Digital Finance, Asset Tokenization, Digital Securities and Infrastructure (Day 1) and Bitcoin, Carbon Tokenization, ESG and Web3 (Day 2). In our panel we discussed "NFTs - Creativity and Innovative Driving Creativity and Innovative Business Models 30" 🙏 Moderator: Daniel Hilfer ( and the panelists Sascha Dölker (Deutsche WertpapierService Bank), Michael Spitz (360X), Dr Annette Doms (, Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe (TUM), Jess Puthenpurackal (Union Investment)
In the video left our panel starts at 8:54!

TABLE CAPTAIN – 20.01..2023


The community for web3 builders - not for grifters.
Organized by Andy Bruckschlögl and Bernd Storm van's Gravesande, who founded Bits & Pretzels in 2013 as a cozy Founders Weissbierfrühstück to support the Munich startup scene which didn't get much attention at that time.
As a first initiative they would like to invite selected people from our network to a Web3-Weißbierfrühstück.
I feel pretty honored to be listed under the OGs - "OGs are inspiring thought leaders and pioneers in the web3 sector. Each OG will chair a table and can be joined by up to eight attendees to benefit from insights, feedback and enriched network."

PANEL – 15.01..2023


2023 kicked off with USIN' WEB3, an open, diverse, and inclusive community that provides a space for everyone interested in Web3 and the metaverse to collaborate, learn, and innovate.
USIN' WEB3 delivers authentic, real-world insights into today's Web3 and metaverse challenges and opportunities through the lenses of leaders in these evolving industries.
I'm looking forward to discussing the world of art on the Web3 with Anna Graf, Georg Bak and Rainer Hosch in Davos.

PANEL – 14.01..2023

DLD Munich

The DLD (Digital, Life, Design) is an international conference and innovation platform of Hubert Burda Media and has always been the highlight of the year to me, because it always unites the most visionary thinkers of our time in one community. In 2023, with the motto "Beyond NOW", DLD Munich draws attention from the here and now to the opportunities and challenges of the future. I was extremely pleased to be invited to take part in the "AI deep-dive" panel moderated by Panos Madamopoulos this year and to share my thoughts on the next necessary steps for the increasingly relevant artificial intelligence 🙏

FIRESIDE CHAT – 10.12..2022


HI.WEB3 (2nd Edition)
Web3 made tangible. No hype, but depth. Web3 Art, Brand Use Cases, Metaverse and more. The inspiration conference from A-Z for beginners and professionals. Organized by Thanh Dao" and Markus Dalka, with keynotes and talks by Dr. Nico Brunotte, Christoph Engelmann, Toan Nguyen, Diego Borgo, Christoph Jentzsch, Dr. Christopher Arendt, Christoph Hagenkötter, Rene Hennen, Dolphi.eth, Vicktoria Klich, Anh Bui, Dr. Su-Zeong Fröhlich, Chantalle Alberstadt, and Dr. phil. Annette Doms, Jan Karnath

KEYNOTE – 09.12..2022

WΞB3 Conference

At the end of the year, digital pioneer TEO is once again launching a brilliant event all about crypto, NFTs and the Metaverse.
Exciting keynotes and panels with top experts on topics such as the State of Crypto & NFTs, Metaverse Marketing & working on the Web3 await you. 🪙 State of Crypto: Philipp Sandner | 🖼️ State of NFTs: Florian Bruce-Boye, Anh Bui, Christiane Stein | 💻 Working on the Web3: Isabell Welpe (TUM), Annette Doms (xcircle) | 🌍 Corporates in the Metaverse: Tibor Mérey, Tim Walther

KEYNOTE – 08.12..2022


NFT: Past, Present, Future
The digital thunder block is an event of the blockchain regulars' table!
The keynote provides answers to the questions: Where and why do NFTs make sense today? Why is so much talking about Metaverse and Web3 this year, what do we need all this for? What is the future of digital property and what can NFTs contribute to it? What opportunities and risks arise for the art market, as well as for brand companies or charity projects?



Endless possibilities – just a click away. Will the Metaverse enrich human existence? Can it improve job, free time and relationships? Does the Metaverse bring new freedom for people, brands, entrepreneurs and creativity? Is this the future or just hype?

At the ADC Digital Experience 2022 in Düsseldorf we will discuss the opportunities that lie in the Metaverse, Web3, NFTs, crypto and virtual worlds and how they will change our lives – both positively and negatively.
I am happy to be there as a speaker 🙏

KEYNOTE – 21./22.09.2022


More than 40 national and international speakers spoke about the content hot topics, trends and discourses of today.
Does the Metaverse exist and if so how many? How will the platforms of tomorrow be: decentralized, interoperable, immersive? Which IPs and new business models are created by NFTs & Co?
MODERATION:: Christian Hanke, Managing Director @edenspiekermann
Mousse T @Mousse T
Dr Annette Doms, Web3 Evangelist & Founding Partner xcircle
Frank Ditz, Head of Entertainment & Media DACH at Meta
Niklas Luginsland, Content Creator @NikLugi

PANEL – 03/04.11.2022


We are thrilled to announce that we've been selected to speak at NFT.London 2022 Nov 3-4 at the QEII Centre.

NFTs live through its community – the community is growing and meeting all over around the world! Like us!
After we got to know each other at NFT.NYC, we – Fabian Zentel (podcaster nfteekk), Chantalle Alberstadt (MetaBrewSociety), Anna S. Schuster (Ernst & Young) and I (xcircle UG) – are now in London discussing NFTs in Germany (Projects, business ideas, networks, regulations, taxes, etc.)

KEYNOTE – 24.10.2022


The Crypto Investors Day, organized by Blockrocket in Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich brings together a selection of crypto funds, venture capital funds, blockchain experts and representatives of professional and semi-professional investors. The goal of this event is to educate potential investors on the current landscape of the blockchain industry, thereby making it easier for them to invest in this space.
I'm excited to share the purpose and status quo of the Metaverse.

KEYNOTE – 18./19.10.2022


If you want to understand the rapidly changing world of crypto, you should attend the Crypto Assets Conference CAC22B at the FrankfurtSchool on October 18-19, 2022! I will be speaking at one of Europe's leading Blockchain conferences and look forward to excellent networking and insightful discussions about crypto. This year’s two-day event will focus on Bitcoin, crypto assets, Metaverse and NFTs (day 1) and digital assets, infrastructure, digital euro and sustainability (day 2). Organized by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, the conference is an excellent and inspiring event bringing together industry experts, founders, investors, and representatives from public institutions to discuss the latest insights into the world of digital assets. See you there!

KEYNOTE – 15.10.2022

TUM lab

Impulse lecture to a group of young interdisciplinary students in cooperation with the TUM Venture Labs and the TUM Chair for Architectural Informatics. The students came together for a 3-day workshop to think about new ideas for the Metaverse.
Students benefit from real experiences and we benefit from the students - the generation readiness! We talked about different technologies, motivations and scenarios also with regard to civil society issues. My goal was to give students a glimpse of what the metaverse is now and what it could be in future times.

LIVE INTERVIEW – 14.10.2022


At Microsoft Ignite, one of the most important Microsoft events for IT decision makers, IT implementers, developer leaders and data & security professionals, everything revolves around current and upcoming technologies as well as their platforms and development tools. This year, Microsoft Ignite will take place in Seattle, USA, and for the first time as a hybrid event at selected global locations - including on October 13 and 14 in Munich.
I'm really looking forward to the live interview on the topic of digital art in general - and NFTs in particular.

KEYNOTE – 13.10.2022


I was thrilled to hold a Keynote "About the Metaverse Metaverse. It was a great event at Spatial:
ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ▁▂▃▅▆▇ 100% WEB3 *♥* W3PRO ROCKS Launch Event 13.10.2022 14.00 Uhr - 18.00 Uhr *♥*❄¯*✲❄♫♪♩░S░P░E░A░K░E░R░¸ Dr. phil. Annette Doms, Vanessa Schäfer, Maximilian Moehring. (✿◠‿◠) Holger Mannweiler ┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓┗(-_-)┛┏(-_-)┓, Radhikan Mohan, Maximilian Schmidt, ★ ° * ● ¸ more speaker: @Christoph Holz, Michael Ächtler, Michael Sälzer, ✩。:*•.───── ❁ ❁ ──M E T A V E R S E──.•*:。✩Matthias Schwarz, Peter Holzer. ░W░A░G░M░I░▁▂▃▅▆▇ 100% WEB3 *♥*❄¯*✲❄♫♪♩░M░E░T░A░V░E░R░S░E░ ♫♫♪❄¯*✲❄

PANEL – 21./22.09.2022


Two days of PowerContent, PowerNetworking and a picture of the future of Web3.
NFTs & Fine Art sound like a symbiosis and there is a lot of overlap, but reality speaks of a blessing or a curse for the Fine Art industry. As an expert on both the traditional art world and its ever-growing Web3 counterpart, I will join Viola Lukas (MISA) and Anna Maja Spiess (PINSL) to discuss the importance of curating in the NFT space and ask how we can improve the quality of art identify in times of change.

KEYNOTE – 15.09.2022


Everyone is talking about NFTs. During the pandemic, they seemed to offer new opportunities for artists to sell their work. Although some maintain that NFTs democratize the art market, others see them as yet another way in which finance capitalism is corrupting the arts. Today, they promise valuation for every entity: the digital steps of every object could be imprinted on the blockchain. NFTs are thus not only smart contracts for artworks, but politically charged ways of fundraising, campaigning, or generating creating hybrid installations.

I am happy to discuss the ambivalent perspectives, functions and claims of NFTs with Freie University Berlin

KEYNOTE – 05.09.2022


"Innovation driver Metaverse: What's really behind the hype and how you can use it for your company", is the motto of this year's Aachen Innovation Platform (API). I look forward to discussing NFT in the context of the Metaverse, clarifying Metaverse civil society issues, and providing an outlook on the future. AIP brought together incredible Top Speakers to give you insight of the status quo of the Metaverse.

KEYNOTE – 27.06.2022


During the Tech Days, Munich turns into a hotspot for founders, entrepreneurs and creative people in cyberspace. Innovation managers from the corporate world mingle with digital natives to exchange views on the ongoing transformation, new ways of creating, organizing or accelerating innovations.
Thanks to Peter Möhring & iteratec for the invitation to an impulse lecture on the subject of NFT.

PANEL – 28.05.2022


FARBE's outstanding exhibition "Between Realms" explored the exciting and radical ways in which artists have embraced new technologies and redefined the conventions of art. In an exciting round, Theo Pham, Theo Stylianou and I discussed the importance of the digital in an analogue world, current developments in the NFT space and future perspectives in art.


On May 5th, the largest networking event on the subject of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in Germany will start. It bundles activities from the Munich NFT community in May. Among other things,, a two-day event. My contribution: Keynote on the first day within the introductory event for everyone who wants to discover the possibilities of the NFT industry. Moderation on day two with depth and insight into some of the most influential profiles in the NFT scene.
I look forward to it!

WORKSHOP – 07.05.2022


Dawn of the Metaverse
Exciting workshop organized with AI and concept artist Max Haarich. Education = Key. Gkeb Divov gives insights into the history & state of the art of NFTs, Claudie Linke explains how to mint an NFT and I chat about the inside scoop about the marketing of NFT art. We look forward to your questions and exchange.

IMPULSE LECTURE – 09.05.2022

AKF conference

AKF conference
Conference working group for cultural promotion: Digitality in the cultural sector - from the pandemic to the future?
Together with Daniel Sack (founder 361/DRX) and Manuel Rossner (media artist) we will discuss the questions of visions and ethics of digitality. What is the Metaverse and what potential does it offer? Art in the Metaverse and how we can shape a new virtual civil society ecosystem!

PANEL – 27.04.2022


Education is key at the moment. Artists of all levels were invited by the VAA (Visual Artists Association) to join for a microlearning masterclass into the mystery of NFTs.
Jessica Svennignnson (DoinGud), Shahar Namer (New Game) and me got the chance to share our knowledge and to discuss with Karen van Hoey Smith, the wonderful moderator by VAA, about our all favorite topic NFT.

MODERATION – 07.04.2022

Ingolstadt Village

The Villages of The Bicester Collection are more than just shopping destinations. It's about inspiration - in fashion and trends, in design and art. To kick off the refreshing art installation by Australian artist Karan Singh, we discussed "The Future of Art". The different perspectives of the panlists Benjamin Eck (gallerist, Munich), Fiona Dinkelbach (fashion influencer) & Max Haarich (AI & concept artist) were particularly interesting.

MODERATION – 06.04.2022

Wertheim Village

The Villages of The Bicester Collection are more than just shopping destinations. It's about inspiration - in fashion and trends, in design and art. To kick off the refreshing art installation by Australian artist Karan Singh, we discussed "The Future of Art". The different perspectives of the panellists Andreas Greulich (gallery owner, Frankfurt), Camie Klein (art student) & Friedrich Gräfling (collector, Frankfurt) were particularly interesting.

KEYNOTE – 11.02.2022

Storms Gallery

NFTs: What it is, how it works and why NFTs will remain as collectibles.
"The new phenomenon of the three letters NFT and the symbiotic relationship of a digital file to a decentralised blockchain was widely discussed in 2021. Dr. Annette Doms will explain to us how this breakthrough came about, what it takes to acquire an NFT and what long-term benefits the art world can derive from this new system."
Participation is only possible after successful registration!

KEYNOTE – 18.01.2022


Web 3.0 is the third generation of the internet. But when and how did the WWW actually begin? How have we lived the internet so far? What will be different? The history of the internet is as exciting as the invention of the iPhone. The keynote gives insights...

Keynote – 13.12.2021

Academy of Fine Art, Munich

NFT is a new medium for artistic expression and at the same time a new system for the art market in general. For the AdBK, I speak on the topic "NFT: Hype or Revolution?", giving insights into the concept behind NFTs, their mechanisms and artistic platforms. The production and sale of NFTs, possible applications and the reception of this new medium will be shown.

PANEL TALK – 03.12.2021


NFTs are THE topic in 2021 - and it all started with digital art. In the panel with Teo Pham, Dirk Boll (Christie's) and Anna Graf (Galerie Johann König), we discussed the different perspectives and the status quo from the art market's point of view.

Keynote – 09.07.2021


Digital Art: A Journey from Plotter Drawings to NFTs. How does global networking affect the production and reception of art? How do artists respond to the digitalisation of our world? A journey from plotter drawings to NFTs.

Moderation – 12.07.2021

PIN- Summerday

Talk "NFT and Virtual Reality" with Dr. Annette Doms (expert for contemporary art), Max Goelitz (gallery owner) and Niko Abramidis (artist)

For me, zeitgeist art is directly related to innovation. Zeitgeist currently reflects the breakthrough of blockchain and the cross-industry possibilities of a decentralised future.

In my lectures I show the craziest ideas, talk about success stories, explain the mechanisms of the market, present lucrative collection examples or offer the latest developments. Jeder Vortrag ist individualisiert für das jeweilige Event – ein Erlebnis, emotional und visionär.

Keynote – 26.09.2019

SZ Bankengipfel

The SZ Banking Summit ended with my lecture on "Art totally revolutionised." Coming up with the latest developments in art is always a pleasure for me. But discussing blockchain technology with bankers beyond the world of finance in the field of art and looking at art from their perspective was a real enrichment.

Keynote – 12.11.2018

UBS Innovation Circle

With its "Innovation Circle" format, UBS offers highly interesting events that are in tune with the times.

At the UBS "Innovation Circle" event on 12 November 2018 in Munich, I was able to speak to around 150 guests about the future of art and its challenges for collectors. Even experienced art collectors were surprised.

Keynote – 19.07.2019


The Global Developer Forum (GDF) is an international conference on technology-based topics in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
The theme for 2019 was "Beyond Experience". The conference was accompanied by an artistic programme with outstanding works from the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality as well as numerous lectures from the technology sector.

In my 50-minute talk, I spoke about the history of media art, the online art market and current developments in art.

Pecha Kucha– 06.07.2017

Art Cologne

When was the first VR art created?
A short contribution by Annette Doms (specialist author) as part of a Pecha Kucha event on the topic of "Visual Worlds in Collision" at Art Cologne 2017.

Fireside Chat– 09.11.2014


"Why Creativity is Becoming the Critical Factor in a World that is Becoming More Digital". In conversation with Jeremy Tai Abbett (creative evangelist), the audience not only gained insights into the intersection of design, technology and popular culture, but also what we can shape with regard to the next generation.

Keynote – 30.10.2014


At the sixth KulturInvest Congress in Berlin, current trends were presented on the topics of cultural policy, cultural management, cultural tourism, cultural marketing, cultural financing, cultural sponsoring, cultural real estate, cultural personnel, online and social media marketing as well as conducting and leading, and reflected on perspectives of the interaction between culture and business as well as the public sector and the media.

Keynote– 08.03.2014

FKX Stuttgart

As part of the FKX Festival, the Freie Kunstakademie Baden-Württemberg and the Kunstbüro of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg have put together an exciting and varied practice-based programme of seminars, lectures and discussions on forms of presentation, distribution and marketing possibilities and the conservation of video, film and media art. "Genre or Medium? Art in the Age of the Digital Revolution" was the topic of my lecture.

Talk– 2013

ci Dialogue

The fair's three-day conference programme, CI Dialogues 2013, focused on new technologies, new media and art. The programme focuses on discussions about the impact of new technologies on artistic production, new forms of collecting and the art market. New media collectors Isabelle & Jean-Conrad Lemaître, the director of the web-based art market platform, Anders Petterson, the founding director of the new media fair Unpainted, Annette Doms, and the director of Sedition, Rory Blair, are just some of the names who participated in the forums.